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Kirsten Bjøre
• visual artist • activist •
• teacher • Leather worker •
• costume designer • goat hair empress •
• guitar/uke/vocals • poet •

Josh Cardenas
• Maker • artist • visionary •
technologist • audiovisual •
• interactive & immersive exhibitions •
• Themed Entertainment •

Claire Carden
• Sewing Enthusiast • Fiber Artist •
• Cosplayer • Creator •
• Activist •

Jen Carden
• Chef • Author • Potter •
•wife of artist • mom •
• want to be interior designer •
• Serial entrepreneur •
• Lover of rats and doggos •

Amelia McDonald
• Potter • Ceramics Teacher •
•Environmental Science Student •
• Lover of all things outdoors •

Natalie Mitchell
• NYU Graduate Actor •
• Commedia Trained •
• Lover of all movement and her son Franco • Owner of coffee and chocolate shop: @GrandCentralPetaluma

Katie Cramer
• Costume Designer • Artist •
• Baker • Fermento • Gardener •

Charlie Bird
• Physical Theater Actor • Teacher •
• Animal Tracker • Musician • Eccentric • Nature Lover • Erratic Dilatant •
• All Around Lover of People •

Origin story


Art Collective

Founded by kirsten & josh

A stump has POTENTIAL.
A stump can be so many things!
A stump can become a home for new life.
Some trees can regrow from a stump after being cut down.
The Giving Tree became a stump 💚
And most importantly...
An interesting name attracts interesting folks!

What We Do

Make stuff for fun!
Make stuff to sell!
Teach workshops & classes
Collaborate with other artists on large scale projects
Create opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their work
Have exciting, synergistic conversations
Envision new worlds
Make them real

Who we work with

Visual Artists
Performing Artists
Media Artists
Innovators, Change Makers, and Creatives of all types

Are you intrigued? Want to talk more about big dreams and possibilities?! Contact us!

visual/performance mashup
petaluma third thursday

August 18th from 5-8pm
Grand Central Petaluma
226 Weller St
Petaluma, CA 94952

• First ever 3rd thursday event!
•Sculptural installation
•performance inspired by sculpture
•city-wide art party!

Rivertown Revival 2022

Featured Artists
at rivertown revival!

July 23 & 24 (tap image for details!)

•Interactive sculpture
•Pico Park
•amazing ride!
•micro mercantile
•real & imagined worlds

Rivertown Revival 2022

Look! Art!

Sit back and enjoy. The slideshows will progress on their own (like magic!)

Collabs! Check out cool things made by cool people workin' together.

Kirsten Bjøre
Josh Cardenas
Sarah Pool

Josh Cardenas

Claire Carden

Jen Carden